SwimAtlanta Swim Team Evaluation Schedules

To schedule a free Swim Team evaluation use the links below.  Not sure which location is closest to you use are convenient SwimAtlanta Location Finder to find the right pool for you.

Auburn Richard Quick Invitational Meet Updates

Auburn Aquatics is looking forward to having us this weekend.  

A few announcements from the meet host:  Please no folding chairs in the upstairs spectator area, stadium seats are allowed and recommended.  For MAAPP all adults will use the upstairs spectator area bathrooms.  Please make sure tto park in legal parking spots there is no parking in grass or marked handicap spaces.  

The outdoor 50 meter pool will be open for warm up/warm down during prelims and also for all of the warm up sessions.  During 12 and under sessions and Finals the outdoor pool will be closed.  The diving well in the indoor pool will be open all day.  The instructional pool indoors will only be used if weather limits the outdoor pool usage.

All warm ups will be Open.  All prelim sessions (13&Over) will start competition at 8:50 each morning this is a change to the meet info.  If the meet inside runs long on the distance events warm up for the afternoon or finals can begin in the outdoor pool.  We will allow time in the competition course before the next session starts.

Below is approximate start time for events but the Auburn Aquatics will be trying to beat these timelines so events may start earlier if possible.

400IM, 400Free, & 1500 Psych Sheet


  • 7 AM Building opens
  • 7:30 AM Pool opens for warm up    
  • 8:35 AM Coaches meeting in Hospitality 
  • 8:45 AM Competition Pool closes
  • 8:50 AM Competition Starts
  • All prelim heats and we will swim 5 women's heats and 6 mens heats of 400 IM for 11 heats total and we will fill available lanes in 5th women's heat with boys to accommodate the most swimmers.  We will only dive a total of 11 heats of 400 IM.  We should finish this just after 2 PM
  • 9:05 200 Free Girls
  • 10:05 200 Free Boys
  • 11:15 girls 100 Br
  • 11:35 Boys 100 Br
  • 12:00 girls 100 Bk
  • 12:35 boys 100 Bk
  • 1:10 400 IM (4 girls then 4 Boys and then alternating remaining three heats)
  • 12 and under session warm up may begin outside at 2:00pm. Competition will not begin before 2:50 PM
  • Finals warm up will begin around 4:45 and we will not start finals on Friday before 5:30 PM and session will end by 7:45


  • 7 AM Building opens
  • 7:30 AM Pool opens for warm up
  • 8:45 AM Competition Pool closes
  • 8:50 AM Competition Starts
  • All prelim heats and then we will swim a max of 11 girls and 11 boys heats of 400's.
  • 9:15 girls 200 Fly
  • 9:40 Boys 200 Fly
  • 10:15 Girls 50 Fr
  • 10:35 Boys 50 Fr
  • 11:00 Girls 200 Br
  • 11:35 Boys 200 Br
  • 12:15 400's begin (4 girls heats the 4 boys heats then alternating the remaining 14 heats) Should finish after 2:00pm
  • 12 and under session warm up may begin outside at 2:00pm,  Competition will not begin before 2:50 pm
  • Finals warm up will begin around 4:15 and the Competition will not start before 5:15 pm.  Session will end by 7:30.


  • 7 AM Building opens
  • 7:30 AM Pool opens for warm up
  • 8:45 AM Competition Pool closes
  • 8:50 AM Competition Starts
  • All prelim heats then we will swim the top 16 in finals for the 1500 and 3 heats in the afternoon consisting of a heat of girls and a heat of boys and 1 heat of 4 boys and 4 girls.
  • 9:05 200 Back Girls
  • 9:45 200 Back Boys
  • 10:15 100 Free Girls
  • 10:50 100 Free Boys
  • 11:25 200 IM Girls
  • 12:05 200 IM Boys
  • 12:45 100 Fly Girls
  • 1:10  100 Fly Boys
  • 1:30 1500's begin
  • 12 and under session warm up may begin outside at 2:00pm and we will not begin competition before 2:50 pm
  • Finals warm up will begin around 4:30 pm and Finals will begin at 5:15 pm and end by 7:45pm. 

Heat Sheets

2022 Betsy Dunbar Invitational Meet Updates

Heat sheets will not be sold at the meet but will be available online through Meet Mobile and below.

Chase starts will be used for all sessions.  With odd heats starting from the Diving Well side and even heats starting form the Scoreboard side of the pool.  All heats of the 50 Free, 50 Back, 50 Breast, & 50 Fly will start from the Scoreboard side. 

We are still in need of timers.  As a small token of saying thank you to timers we are paying $15 per session to help cover parking expenses.  If you can help please email [email protected] 

PrePay Parking Link

Warm Up Schedule

Heat Sheets

2022 Speedo Atlanta Classic & Sprint Classic Meet Updates

2022 Speedo Atlanta Classic 5/13-15

SwimAtlanta is excited about hosting everyone on May 13-15th at the 2022 Speedo Atlanta Classic. Thursday night we have 6 lanes open for swimmers wanting to get a swim in at Georgia Tech 6:30-8:00pm.  Our Sugarloaf location will be open during the day for anyone who would like to get in earlier.  The diving well will be open during the meet for warm-up and warm-down.

If you have swimmers wanting to scratch Friday AM prelim events please email Cheryl Loprinzo ([email protected]) by 6:30pm thursday night.  Heat Sheets will be printed and posted below each day.  

We will have a quick coaches meeting on Friday May 13 at 8:30am.

  • Warm-Up and Start Times:

    • Thursday 6:30-8:00pm (swimmers need to plan to be done at 8:00pm)

    • Friday, Saturday, Sunday Prelims: Warm-Up 7:00-8:45am (Open) Meet Start 9:00am

    • Friday, Saturday, Sunday Finals: Warm-Up  4:30-5:45pm (Open) Meet Start 6:00pm

  • Meet Info
  • Psych Sheet
  • Heat Sheets
  • Timelines 
  • PrePay Parking Link

2022 Speedo Atlanta Sprint Classic 5/14

  • Warm Up Schedule:
    • 12:00-12:20pm - SwimAtlanta Sugarloaf, SwimAtlanta Mt Bethel, SwimAtlanta Roswell, SwimAtlanta Hamilton Mill, SwimAtlanta Georgia Tech, SwimAtlanta Johns Creek
    • 12:20-12:40pm - SwimAtlanta Midway, Tidal Wave Swimming
    • 12:45pm - Meet Start
  • Heat Sheet
  • PrePay Parking Link

Metro Divisional Meet Updates

Important Info About Parking: the gravel lot will be reserved for Coaches and Officials only. Parents can park in any legal space or on the streets around the pool. Dynamo recommends carpooling whenever possible. Parking will be limited.

Friday events will be swum in the indoor competition pool.  Saturday and Sunday they will running two pools in the Morning. The girls will compete in the indoor competition pool, and the boys in the Dome. Saturday and Sunday Finals will be run in the indoor competition pool.  Top 20 swimmers in each event will qualify for finals. 

Warm-Up Schedule

Heat Sheets 

Finals heat sheets and if Dynamo does a livestream of the meet links will be posted here.

SwimAtlanta Last Chance & February Splash Meet Updates

Spectators are welcome in the building.  Parents are asked to stay upstairs in the stands unless volunteering.  Swimmers in the 400IM and 500 Free need to provide their own timer and counter.

Updated & Assigned Warm-Up / Start Times

Saturday Last Chance:

  • Warm-Ups:
    •  11:30-11:55am - SwimAtlanta
    • 11:55-12:20pm - CPAC, CW, LA, MJST, TWS, USAC 
    • Meet Starts  12:30pm

Saturday February Splash:

  • Warm-Ups:
    • 3:40-4:00pm - SwimAtlanta
    • 4:00-4:20pm - TWS & USAC
    • Meet Starts 4:30pm

Sunday Last Chance:

  • Warm-Ups:
    • 8:00-8:30am - SwimAtlanta
    • 8:30-9:00am - CPAC, LA, MJST, RAYS, TWS, USAC
    • Meet Starts 9:10am

Heat Sheets w/ Timelines:


Age Group State Championship & Junior Olympics

SwimAtlanta is excited to be running the 2022 Short Course Age Group State Championship & Junior Olympics at GA Tech this year. Specators are allowed in the building and are encouarged to wear a mask.  Swimmers in the 500 & 1000 free will need to provide their own counter and timer.  To help Georgia Tech Varisty Swim Team, the Friday afternoon JO and 10&under 500free session has been moved to Friday evening.  The 10&under 500 Free on Friday will be the first event of the JO session.   See updated meet info below.

Reminder that this year swimmers get 3 bonus swims.  Swimmers can use the 3 bonus swims on any day they would like.

Only volunteers, timers, counters, officials, swimmers, and coaches will be allowed on the pool deck.  To sign up to be a timer please click here.

Please be aware that Sunday morning the Publix Marathon Road Race will be going on near Georgia Tech.  Click here to see the Marathon and Half Marathon road race course.  Click here to see the 5K, 3k, and Dash route. Sunday Afternoon the Atlanta United season opener at 3:00pm.

Fine Designs will be at the meet for all your Official Swim Meet Apparel.  Reddiset Swim Shop will be able to help swimmers with purchasing new tech suits, practice suits, caps, googles, and etc. 

Sign up for action photos online with River Oak Photography

For the sixth straight year, River Oak Photography is thrilled to provide action photography for the Georgia 14 and Under Short Course State meet. Make your reservations in advance online at riveroakphotography.com/reserve-online/ag-state/ Please contact [email protected] with any questions

  • Meet Info Updated 2/9 with new start times for Friday JO and 10&under 500free start times.
  • Updated Event File 2/3/22 (when emailing entries make sure to include  an "Entry Report PDF file")
  • PrePay Parking  We are getting reports that the parking deck is saying its sold out.  Georgia Tech is trying to fix this issue.  Parking Attendants will be taking payments each day to park. But just incase there is always the option of the W02 Student Center Lot located at 353 Ferst Dr. This is a click and pull lot (like the airport). The cost is $2 per hour with a $15 max per day. Credit Card Only.  This might be a cheaper option for some coaches, swimmers & families.
  • Volunteer Timer Sign Up
  • Psych Sheet updated 2/22
  • Updated Warm-Ups & Start Times (all warm-ups are open w/ a specific time for one way starts and pace)
    • Friday
      • 11-14 Prelims: Warm-Up 9:00am / Meet Start 10:20am
      • 11-14 JO and 10&under Timed Final: Warm-up 5:00pm / Meet Start 6:00pm
      • 11-14 Finals: Warm-Up 5:00pm / Meet Start 6:00pm
    • Saturday & Sunday 
      • 11-14 Prelims: Warm-Up 9:00am / Meet Start 10:20am
      • 11-14 JO and 10&under Timed Final: Warm-Up Not before 1:00pm / Meet Start not before 1:45pm
  • Prelim Heat Sheets 
  • 10&under & Junior Olympics Heat Sheets 
  • Finals Heat Sheets (Coming Soon) 
    • Friday
    • Saturday
    • Sunday
  • Reddiset Swim Shop  
  • Fine Design (Meet Apparel)
  • Sign up for action photos with River Oak Photography


SwimAtlanta Winter Classic Updates

SwimAtlanta & Georgia Tech are aware of the current weather projections.  We will communicate any updates on SwimAtlanta.com and with your coaches.  With the tiimelines on Sunday our goal is to run the meet Sunday morning for all participants.

We will be using two pools for this meet.  All boys/men events will be under the scoreboard.  All girls/women events will be near the diving well.  We are still in need of some extra timers in the boys pool.  If you are able to help please email [email protected] 

Meet Updates:

  • Spectators are allowed in the building.
  • Masks are encouraged.
  • Only Volunteers, Officials, Swimmers, and Coaches will be allowed on the pool deck.
  • Swimmers can either sit upstairs or on the pool deck.
  • Swimmers swimming the 400im, 1000free, and 500free will need to positive check in and provide his or her own timer and counter.

PrePay Parking Link

Warm Up Schedule

  • Saturday 
    • 10:00-10:25 -  Sugarloaf, Johns Creek, Hamilton Mill, Roswell, Cobb, Georgia Tech, Summit
    • 10:25-10:50 - Lifetime, Tidal Wave
    • 10:50-11:15 - Midway, SPAC, SCAT, CPAC
  • Sunday 
    • 8:00-8:25 - Sugarloaf, Johns Creek,  Hamilton Mill, Roswell, Cobb, Georgia Tech, Summit
    • 8:25-8:50 - Lifetime, Tidal Wave
    • 8:50-9:15 - Midway, SPAC, SCAT, CPAC

Heat Sheets