March 20th SwimAtlanta COVID-19 Update

We hope everyone is safe at home and able to enjoy time with family during these uncertain times. Your coaching staff is eager to have the swimmers back at the pool but must ensure a safe timeline for everyone’s return.  SwimAtlanta will remain closed through March, but our hope is to resume in-water programming in a moderated schedule beginning the Monday after your local public-school system’s spring break.  While we are away from the facilities, we have been cleaning and disinfecting all areas as well as preparing our staff for upgraded sanitizing procedures once practice resumes.

The coaching staff is excited to see such great athlete engagement on SwimAtlanta Social Media during this time! Keep it up! (Please note that you may access some of the resources on SwimAtlanta’s social media accounts by clicking on the links at the bottom of this email without having your own social media account.) Coaches will be sending dry-land specific workouts that can be completed at home to help athletes stay in shape and motivated to get back in the pool.  Please be sure to check your email and social media for at-home workouts as well as other swimming-specific information.

Instagram - @swimatlanta_team

Twitter - @Swim_Atlanta

SwimAtlanta COVID-19 Update

We hope all of our SwimAtlanta families are staying safe and healthy. At this time, it looks like swim team programming will not be able to start back in the water until May 1st.  We appreciate the support of all our families through this unique and difficult time! Many of our families have offered to continue with regular payments, however for the month of April, we are discounting tuition for all groups by 70% for all active members of the team. This will greatly help SwimAtlanta pay coaching staff and maintain the facilities that we own and rent.

We truly value the SwimAtlanta family. Our number one goal is the safety of our swimmers, their families, and our staff during these unprecedented times. Together, we hope to be stronger than ever, once we return to our normal schedules.

Age Group Sectionals Updates

Swimmer Check-in

  • Swimmers deck pass will be handed out  for Friday, Saturday, and Sunday Prelims will be handed out during warm-ups by Coach Scot Davis in the hallway just before the stairs.  He will be wearing a SwimAtlanta T-Shirt and wearing a UGA hat.  (10&unders please look for a SwimAtlanta coach in the same area)
  • Swimmers must enter the pool via the back hallway and may use the glass doors on Tech Pkwy for drop off and pick up.  
  • The only pool access will be through the back hallway doors. 
  • The pool deck stairs will be closed
  • Swimmers must have a deck pass to enter the pool area.
  • A replacement deck pass will be $10. 


Friday, Saturday, and Sunday Prelims will be running Girl/Boy pools

  • Girl's Pool:  Diving Well End
  • Boy's Pool:  Scoreboard End


  • Friday: Scoreboard End
  • Saturday: TBA
  • Sunday: TBA

Meet Schedule

  • Thursday: WU @ 3pm; Start @ 4:15pm. The 800 Freestyle Relay and 400 IM will be run in one course. The 1000 free will be run in both courses. Swimmers should provide a timer and counter for 1,000.  Projected finish time is 7 pm
  • Friday AM: WU @ 8:30am; Start @ 10am. Projected finish time is 12:34
  • Friday 10 & Under: Warmup is 5:00-5:30. Meet starts at 5:40.  The projected finish time is 7 pm. (Swimming in the Scoreboard End)
  • Friday Finals:  WU @5pm; Start @6pm. The projected finish time is 7:30
  • Saturday AM:  WU @ 10am; Start @ 11:10 am.   The projected finish time is 2:15.  Swimmers must remain upstairs until 10 am.
  • Saturday 10&U: WU@ 2:30pm; Start @ 3:10pm.  The projected finish time is 5 pm. 
  • Saturday Finals: WU @5pm; Start @ 6pm. The projected finish time is 7:30
  • Sunday AM:  WU @ 8:30am; Start @ 10am.  The projected finish time is 1:33
  • Sunday 10&U:  WU @ 1:30pm; Start @ 2:10pm.  The projected finish time is 4 pm.
  • Sunday Finals:  WU @4pm; Start @5pm.   The projected finish time 6:47


Updated Heat Sheets:

Special Note from Georgia Tech & the Meet Host (SCAT):

Dear Age Group Sectional Participants, 

Georgia Tech is currently monitoring the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak. We are following all updates and recommendations from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) located in Atlanta.  As of now, WE WILL BE HAVING THE SWIM MEET AS PLANNED.

According to information provided by the CDC, the coronavirus's presence is currently very limited, with just 647 cases reported in the United States as of March 10, 2020. Overall immediate health risk from coronavirus remains low. However, with many new cases being reported daily worldwide, the risk for a pandemic is still elevated. 

In response, we ask that all participants who have a fever, symptoms of a respiratory infection, or have been exposed to a person with coronavirus, flu, or any other communicable disease not attend Age Group Sectionals.

Georgia Tech and Age Group Sectionals will follow all CDC recommendations.  If you suspect that you may have an infectious disease, we recommend you seek treatment at your primary care physician's office or your local hospital's emergency department. 

Beyond that, please keep in mind that the best way to prevent the spread of infectious disease is through overall cleanliness and diligent hand washing. 

We are actively monitoring the current situation as it evolves and will provide more updates as is necessary.   

For immediate updates, we recommend viewing the CDC website. We thank you for your cooperation and understanding.


SwimAtlanta will communicate all updates ASAP by website, email, twitter, & instagram.

March Madness Sprint Meet @ SwimAtlanta Sugarloaf Heat Sheet

SwimAtlanta Sugarloaf

4850 Sugarloaf Parkway

Lawerenceville, GA 30044

Saturday, March 7, 2020

Warm-up 3:00pm

Meet Starts 3:30pm 

Heat Sheet

2020 Southern Premier Meet @ GA Tech Updates

On friday the President is scheduled to visit the CDC. He is supposed to land at 3:30. This will affect the already congested Atlanta traffic. Please plan accordingly.  Heat sheets will be on sale at the meet and on Meet Mobile.

PrePay Parking Link (Listed as "2020 Speedo Summer Premier")

Psych Sheet

Warm-Up Schedule 

Please contact your swimmers coach for anymore information.

14&Under Age Group State Meet Updates & Heat Sheets

The meet will be running in 2 pools for morning and afternoon sessions.  Odd heats will swim by the diving well, even heats by the scoreboard. 

All Final sessions will run in the main pool.   Friday night's 10&U 500 free will run in scoreboard pool.

The lanes will be numbered 0-9.

PrePay Parking Link  

Updated Warm Up & Start Times:   

  • Friday Morning:  Warm up @ 9:00am; Start @ 10:20am. 
  • Friday 10&U 500 free (Scoreboard End):  Warm up @ 5:00pm; Start @ 5:30pm
  • Friday Finals (Diving Well End):  Warm up 5:00pm; Start @ 6:00pm.
  • Saturday Morning:  Warm up @ 10:00am; Start @ 11:20am.
  • Saturday Afternoon:  Warm up @ 2:00pm; Start @ 2:45pm
  • Saturday Finals (Diving Well End):  Warm up @5:00; Start @ 6:00pm.
  • Sunday Morning:  Warm up @ 9:00am; Start @ 10:20am.
  • Sunday Afternoon:  Warm up @ 1:30pm; Start @ 2:15pm.  
  • Sunday Finals (Diving Well End):  Warm up @ 5:00pm; Start @ 6:00pm.

Heat Sheets & Estimate Timelines:

SwimAtlanta Last Chance Meet Updates

West Gwinnett Aquatic Center

4488 Peachtree Industrial Boulevard

Berkeley Lake, GA  30071

Projected Timelines 

Saturday Heat Sheet

Sunday Heat Sheet

Saturday warm-ups start at 6:30pm with the meet starting at 7:00pm

Sunday warm-ups start at 8:00am with the meet starting at 8:30am.

Parents are asked to sit upstairs in the 750-seat spectator area upstairs. Please no food on the pool deck.  The West Gwinnett Aquatic Center is kept at a warm air temperature.

SCAT Winter Kickoff @ GA Tech Meet Updates & Heat Sheets

Due to the size of the meet, SCAT has decided to run 3 twenty minute warm up times.  

** Lanes are numbered 0-9 for this meet**  (this is how GT has the pool set up).

PrePay Parking Link:

Warm Up Schedule

Heat Sheats: